Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleLead beneficiaryType
D1.1ASCLEPIOS Technical, Security, Healthcare and Data Privacy RequirementsUNNReport
D1.2ASCLEPIOS Reference Architecture, Security and eHealth Use Cases, and Acceptance CriteriaTUTReport
D2.1Symmetric Searchable Encryption and Integration in Medical Devices Symmetric Searchable Encryption and Integration in Medical DevicesRISEReport
D2.2Attribute-Based Encryption, Dynamic Credentials and Ciphertext Delegation and Integration in Medical DevicesTUTReport
D2.3GDPR-compliant and Privacy-Preserving Analytics for Healthcare ProvidersSUITE5Report
D2.4Data Owners’ and Personal Health Data Privacy-Preserving AnalyticsUNNReport
D3.1ASCLEPIOS Security and Policies ModelICCSReport
D3.2ASCLEPIOS Models Editor and Interpretation Mechanism ICCSReport
D3.3Context-aware ABAC Enforcement MechanismUBITECHReport
D4.1Design of protocols for key, firmware and workload management in ITEEs for medical devices RISEReport
D4.2Remote attestation of workloads in ITEEs RISEReport
D4.3Interoperability of ITEEs in the context of eHealth systemsTUTReport
D5.1Technical Integration Points and Testing PlanUBITECHReport
D5.2ASCLEPIOS Integrated Platform – Early ReleaseUBITECHDemonstrator
D5.3ASCLEPIOS Integrated Platform – Final ReleaseUBITECHDemonstrator
D6.1Report on Cloud Computing TestbedUOWReport
D6.3Early Prototype DemonstratorsUOWDemonstrator
D6.4Final DemonstratorsUOWDemonstrator
D7.1Plan for Project’s Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholder’s PlanSUITE5Report
D7.2Project Website and Web 2.0 ChannelsICCSWebsites, patents filling, etc.
D7.3Interim Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholders’ Activity ReportSUITE5Report
D7.5Final Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholders’ Activity ReportSUITE5Report
D7.6Final Project Exploitation and Sustainability ReportSUITE5Report