The ASCLEPIOS Final Assets

The ASCLEPIOS Final Assets

The outputs of the project, namely the ASCLEPIOS framework and its underlying components possess a great value for healthcare organisations and there is a big potential for their adoption and operation in production environment.

ASCLEPIOS in essence

In principle, when trying to describe ASCLEPIOS in one sentence, one could possibly go with any the following statements:

A cloud-based eHealth framework that protects the privacy of data during various data-relevant operations and prevents several types of malicious behaviour, including insider threats

A state-of-the-art approach to perform data operations using secure containers that guarantee at the highest maximum degree data confidentiality and trust of cloud-based infrastructure

An ecosystem of methods and tools that use cryptographic schemes for performing operations over encrypted data without compromising data confidentiality

These statements provide a high-level view of how ASCLEPIOS can be used by organisations that seek to improve their security and privacy operations. In practice, these improvements are facilitated by a number of different assets (as we call them in ASCLEPIOS) which are all direct technical or knowledge outputs of the project. 

Ok, got it! But which are these assets?

Approaching the end of the project, we have put together all these assets (shown in the Featured Image) in a list devised in 2 broad categories:

  • Technical Assets, which refer to the tangible outputs of the project such as source code, the platform, instantiation of use cases/demonstrators, components, etc. and
  • Knowledge Assets, which include the research and academic knowledge developed during the project by the different partners of the consortium.

A big portion of these assets are of public access based on open-source libraries and will be made available at the end of the project to any interested stakeholder through a dedicated, open access repository. Those are the following:


Access URL

Searchable Symmetric Encryption (SSE) Scheme Implementation
Functional Encryption Scheme (FE Scheme) Implementation
Workload deployment through Trusted Execution Environment Platform (TEEPD)
ASCLEPIOS Model and Policy Editor (AMPLE)
ASCLEPIOS ABAC Enforcement Service (AAPEM)

CP-ABE Server
Extended MiCADO Framework Extensions
Cybersecurity, Encryption and Analytics for Healthcare Providers (CEAA)
ASCLEPIOS Privacy Analytics Module (APAM)
Registration Authority
Acute Stroke Demonstrator
Sleep Medicine for Inpatient and Outpatient Care Demonstrator
The ASCLEPIOS technical assets

These assets can be utilised and operated independently from each other, even if some might have prerequisites in order to fulfil a specific business functionality. This operational independence is a result of a strategic decision of the consortium resulting in assets designed and offered as self-contained components that can be combined and integrated into wider solutions.

The latter has been demonstrated during the ASCLEPIOS project, to meet the needs of the domain and of the project’s demonstrators, and to showcase how such assets can collaborate to offer holistic approaches to distinct problems that are present in the healthcare sector when it comes to dealing with data. Furthermore, this decision has also been taken to better support the exploitation and the sustainability strategy to be set in motion following the conclusion of the project.


Featured Image: The ASCLEPIOS Technical and Knowledge Assets

(It is noted that at the end of the project, this blog post will be revised indicating the access links to the assets identified above)