The Advanced Secure Cloud Encrypted Platform For Internationally Orchestrated Solutions In Healthcare project has the following research and technological objectives:

  1. Explore the possibility of combining Symmetric Searchable Encryption and Attribute-Based Encryption to enable using both encryption schemes in the most efficient way in order to store and process medical data.
  2. Enable effective user access revocation approaches that do not affect other users or the overall functionality of the service.
  3. Develop protocols that allow healthcare practitioners, researchers and patients to share data securely and in a privacy-preserving way.
  4. Design and implement mechanisms allowing users of eHealth services to verify the integrity, and trustworthiness of the overall system,  including medical devices.
  5. Enable healthcare professionals to generate analytics and statistical measurements in a privacy-preserving way.
  6. Raise awareness about security among healthcare professionals
  7. Showcase the technical results of the project on three healthcare demonstrators