The 2nd H2020 Synergy Newsletter is out!

ASCLEPIOS is part of the H2020 Synergy that aims to promote the exchange of knowledge among the 6 participating projects in the field of healthcare cybersecurity and maximise their impact.

We are happy to announce the publication of the second H2020 Synergy newsletter, that features the milestones of our projects during 2020!

About the H2020 Synergy:

We are ASCLEPIOS, CUREX, FeatureCloudPanaceaSAFECARE and SPHINX projects!

We are active on the field of Cybersecurity in Healthcare Sector via the support of the European Commision under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation framework programme.

We establish a Synergy to exchange our approaches, methods and information used for the cyber protection of healthcare infrastructures, disseminate the generated knowledge and expand our joint network of cybersecurity-oriented projects and institutions to maximise our impact and sustainability potential.