The 3rd issue of the ASCLEPIOS Newsletter is out!

Welcome to the third issue of the ASCLEPIOS Newsletter!

This issue is focused on the cybersecurity and analytics services of ASCLEPIOS. First, we explore the CEAA cybersecurity solution that contextualises traffic and data access-related activity in healthcare in order to detect malicious activities. Then we take a look at the APAM tool, that safeguards the privacy of both patients and healthcare providers. The EMNET analytics solution is up next; it enables the execution of analytics across multiple healthcare providers, with the use of Multi-Party Computation. We also get some insights from the Functional Encryption service that has been designed in ASCLEPIOS based on a novel F.E scheme, to allow analytics over encrypted data.

Finally, we see some highlights from the latest events ASCLEPIOS attended during 2020 but also from the ASCLEPIOS Awareness Courses.

Enjoy reading!

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