ASCLEPIOS demonstrator @ DIPS and Cambio e-health providers

Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw, a senior researcher at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE), presented the ASCLEPIOS demonstrator for antibiotic prescriptions feedback and monitoring, led by NSE, at two short seminars organized for two leading e-health system vendors in Scandinavia, DIPS AS and Cambio health, in September and November 2020 respectively.

The presentation covered the challenges of health data reuse in general as well as those related to the ASCLEPIOS demonstrator. Then the participants were introduced to the technique used in ASCLEPIOS for privacy-preserving statistical computations using data distributed across multiple healthcare institutions. The clinicians provided their views on the importance of the demonstrator, and their feedback was discussed during the seminar.

About the organisations

DIPS AS is the leading supplier of eHealth systems to Norwegian hospitals. The company has contracts with three of Norway’s four regional health trusts, including five of the six university hospitals in Norway. The DIPS solutions have more than 80,000 daily users and is thus one of Norway’s most used computer systems. Their solutions enable health care personnel to significantly rationalize their work, improve the quality of patient care and increase patient safety.

Cambio Healthcare Systems is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of healthcare information systems and a growing player in the European market with just over 170,000 users across general and university hospitals, specialist units and outpatient units. Using Cambio’s integrated solutions, their customers provide services to 4 million patients.