MiCADO v0.9.1 is Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of MiCADO v0.9.1!

MiCADO is an open-source automated deployment and auto-scaling framework and is the engine currently used for the deployment of the ASCLEPIOS demonstrator applications and ASCLEPIOS services.

This release adds support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) so that MiCADO can provision and scale virtual machines in OCI and deploy ASCLEPIOS components across them. Also included with this version of MiCADO is the first release of a Python Client Library for MiCADO. The client library can be used to deploy instances of the MiCADO Master node to an OpenStack cloud, or can be used for deploying and managing applications on an instance of MiCADO anywhere!

There are some more enhancements and fixes which you can read about in the full release notes. To install MiCADO please follow the documentation. You can find the templates for deploying ASCLEPIOS applications in the MiCADO GitLab repository.

 If you have any feedback, or require assistance with MiCADO, please open an issue on GitHub.

– The MiCADO Devs