The 2nd issue of the ASCLEPIOS newsletter is out!

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2nd issue of the Asclepios e-Newsletter!

In this issue we will dive in Symmetric Searchable Encryption and Attribute Based Encryption, two of the cryptographic techniques ASCLEPIOS employs to offer advanced functionalities over sensitive healthcare data, whilst ensuring privacy and security. Afterwards, we explore the ASCLEPIOS models and policies editors that provide fine-grained, attribute-based access control. Then we take a look at Trusted Execution Environments and see how they can serve as a basis for the secure execution of the ASCLEPIOS applications. Finally, we take a sneak peek on the 18 technical and knowledge assets of ASCLEPIOS and we see some highlights from the latest events ASCLEPIOS attended.

Enjoy reading!

You can find the full e-Newsletter here: ASCLEPIOS-Newsletter-2nd-issue-v1.0