The 4th ASCLEPIOS Plenary meeting – Athens

The 4th ASCLEPIOS Plenary meeting was held on February 11th-12th, 2020, hosted by ICCS in Athens, Greece. One member of the ASCLEPIOS Focus Group participated in the meeting both days and provided insights and suggestions.

As usual, the first day of the plenary the coordinator provided a short project overview and set the targets for the meeting. The first half of the day was then devoted to the demonstrators. Each demonstrator took the floor to present a technical overview of the relevant uses cases and explain the need and contribution of the ASCLEPIOS framework. Focus was given to helping the technical partners comprehend how the demonstrator systems operate and what are the underlying constraints stemming from the healthcare domain. The cloud testbed on which the use cases will be deployed was then presented. The day continued with a demonstration of the combined application of the SSE and ABE schemes. The development activities across all knowledge and technical assets of the project were discussed and next steps were agreed. The day concluded with integration aspects and some insights regarding the way demonstrators will leverage the overall framework.

The second day started with the presentation of the project’s dissemination activities. Insights from the 1st awareness workshop that took place in Amsterdam on 16/1/2020 were presented and the consortium discussed how to make the upcoming events even more successful. Administrative and ethics issues were then discussed. The meeting concluded with a vivid technical session where both technical and demonstrator partners shared their insights and proposed next steps towards the successful integration of the developed assets in the demonstrators’ applications.