ASCLEPIOS @FICS Research Weekly Seminar


Marcela Tuler de Oliveira, PhD student at the Amsterdam UMC, presented the approach of ASCLEPIOS for the stroke acute care demonstrator at the weekly seminar for graduate and undergraduate students, at Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS Research), on October the 10th 2019 in Gainesville. The work presented in the seminar has been published in the paper entitled “Red Alert: Break-Glass Protocol to Access Encrypted Medical Records in the Cloud”. It proposes a dynamic granting and revoking data access protocol, by which a team of healthcare professionals can securely decrypt the medical records of a patient who is under a stroke acute care.

FICS Research is considered the nation’s premier multidisciplinary research institute in the advancement of cybersecurity as a basis for long-term partnership and collaboration among industry, academia, and government. This talk was a great opportunity for dissemination of ASCLEPIOS and exchange of academic knowledge.