3rd ASCLEPIOS Plenary meeting – Tampere

The 3rd ASCLEPIOS Plenary meeting was held on September 17th-18th, 2019, hosted by TUNI in Tampere, Finland. The agenda of the meeting included numerous presentations as well as brainstorming and discussion sessions. One member of the ASCLEPIOS focus group participated in the plenary meeting both days and shared valuable insights and suggestions for the project’s next steps.

The plenary meeting started with a short project overview and the definition of the meeting targets. The first day was devoted to work package presentations. Starting with insights from the elicited technical, security, healthcare and data privacy requirements, a detailed presentation of the project’s technical architecture was provided. The advancements in the ASCLEPIOS symmetric searchable encryption service were discussed and the consortium exchanged ideas on how to best integrate the scheme in the healthcare operations. The ASCLEPIOS model for context & security awareness was presented and activities performed in the scope of all technical assets were summarized and discussed. The project’s dissemination activities and plan were presented to discuss how the project can maximise its outreach and effectively plans its next actions and some first thoughts around exploitation were shared. The day concluded with administrative aspects and ethics considerations.

The first part of the meeting’s second day was organized along two parallel sessions, one dedicated to the technical activities of the project and the other focusing on the demonstrators. The technical session included in-depth presentations of implementation aspects. Trusted execution environments and encryption issues were among the discussed topics. In the demonstrators session, partners discussed details regarding the cloud testbed, how each use case application will utilize it and what functionalities each demonstrator application will showcase. The two teams then were re-joined in a common session to discuss gained insights. Participants of the technical session posed questions to the demonstrator session participants and vice versa, resulting in an interesting sharing of perspectives. The meeting concluded with a summary of the 2-day discussions and a presentation of the core action points for the upcoming activities.