The 1st H2020 Synergy Newsletter is out!

Together is better than alone!

ASCLEPIOS has joined forces with five Horizon 2020 projects in the  field of Cybersecurity in Healthcare Sector –  CUREXFeatureCloudPanaceaSAFECARE and SPHINX – in order to exchange knowledge, maximise our impact and most importantly: promote cyber protection of healthcare infrastructures!

We have established the H2020 Synergy that has two main goals:

  1. promote exchange of knowledge, approaches and methods for cyber protection in the healthcare domain
  2. disseminate the generated knowledge and expand our joint network of cybersecurity-oriented projects and institutions to maximise our impact and sustainability potential!

In our joint 1st H2020 Synergy Newsletter , we would like to introduce you to our impactful projects, our activities, and targets. Enjoy reading!